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    Hi there everyone. I'm trying to get creative here at work, and instead of a TV dispaying just a safety movie or anything, I'd like know if there's any tool that will allow me to split the screen, like the "Bloomberg channel" or some other TV channels, where you can have 3 different areas: The main and biggest are would have my video, the lower area would just have a footer information rolling from right to left, and on the side, complementary information.
    Although I do not know how to do it, I'd like to know if you have any ideas on how to acjieve that. I thought of a PHP control panel to control the whole thing. Anyone has another simpler idea?
    Thanks in advance.



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    Yes this sort of thing can be done. If I was you, I'd go and see a local videographer to get it made for you.

    Edit: I have just seen your other posts and see you have some experience with Sony Vegas. Which made me think I got the wrong idea of what you want. Are you looking for a computer display solution or a video split screen solution ?
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    Hi again. Sorry. I think I really wasn't able to explain myself and what I want.
    I'm looking for some software able to divide my output in areas. These buttons for hyerlink or add image are not working so I'll paste the complete adress, sorry for inconvenience:

    Google Image Result for

    In that image you can see a presenter, a footer below her that is always changing info, and another pannel to her right with more info. What I want is to able to create such a split. I want to put my edited videos where the girl is, alerts on the footer, and other info at the area to her right. Now, does anyone know of software able to do it?

    All I could remember was WordPress encoding. Creating the 3 distinct areas and through a Control Pannel change the contents of it. Could there be any other programs that I don't know of, that are able to do just that?

    I really hope I made myself clearer this time.



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    Hi Midnight Blue. Thanks for you answer. Perhaps I didn't explain myself in the best way, so I'll rephrase it. This is what I'm looking for (seen image below). I have some videos of mine which I want them to be where the girl is. On the footer I'd like to put rolling notes with whatever text I want. On the right of the girl, I'd also like to put some semi static info. So what I'm looking for is a presenting tool.


    Because this is a new challenge for me, I'd like to know if anyone knows of any software to do this. I just want to present it on that format in TV screens. I know this isn't a technical question about Vegas, or any other proggy, but it's still a question about video.

    I've already been told about WordPress and PHP encoding to do it. And then I could control the info with CPanel.
    I've also been told that I can do it with Dreamweaver, using Flash.
    I'm looking for options and personal opinions on what would be the best way to get the results I want, taking that it would have to be easy to change messages / media, for a noob like me.

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    It's more of a computer software thing which is outside my knowledge. There are hardware visual mixers you could use but this solution is probably too expensive. I'd wait and see if someone has a good software solution for you.

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    Thanks anyway for your time, Midnight Blue.

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    Is this for a website or is it for a venue display screen? Just so I'm clear.

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    It's for a venue display screen.

    I forgot to mention, I already started learning Macromedia Flash MX. I'll try to do an executable. Still I'm open to all ideas, because I'm kind of struggling with Flash! LOL



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