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Thread: Can Anyone Help Me ????????????

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    Cool Can Anyone Help Me ????????????

    Hello my name is Jake and i want to start getting into video editing and creation and well ill just cut to the chase i need some help i can get really any program that you guys suggest i m thinking of using camsatia 2 i just got free trial and i want to make a video about a server for a game i play like a recruitment video basically like why u should join us. This is a video of what i want to make but not the same video obviously Silabgarza - Best Runescape Private Server [HD] - YouTube I mean i dont know if this is great or how to do this and i don't know if any of you even want to help me or what not. I would just be grateful if i could get a free teacher to help me or just show me how i m not sure. I can add people on skype /pm me and send skype or message in lower chat or join my teamspeak server and ask for CDanible - Jake the ip is : I am going to be grateful for any help but please anyone help me.

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    Hi lokesha. I haven't seen the video on youtube, because where I am, Youtube is blocked. Still, I believe you want to make your own demo of a game. I'd persoanlly advise you to use a Video Capture proggy (I use Replay Video Capture 6, from Applian Technologies, which is easy to use and has good quality image) on a side computer. If you're playing in a computer, use a laptop or another PC to collect the raw footage.
    Then you'll need an editing tool. Again, I personally use Vegas PRO 11, and Cyberlink Power Director 10. As soon as you start learning how to work with them, you'll get the best of each one, and take your videos one level up.
    Both proggys are somewhat difficult to start with. Read the manuals - you'll easily find them online.
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    Well i have camstatia studio 8 i just need like someone to help me create what the video looks like and sense you cant see it i will have to explain it a little bit this is not just a simple me playing a game video. Its a video where it starts off with fast paced music and shows what the server has to offer and its about 3 minutes long. For example it said like custom titles then it said fast easy moneymaking and showed him stealing from a stall but its all nicely done editing and i need someone to help me do a few things..
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    lokesha, I was able to see part of the video. Like I told you, my connection unfortunately sucks. The video doesn't seem too hard to do. Different editing programs have different kinds of fonts. Itís just a matter of having more then one proggy. That's why I use Sony Vegas and Power Director - because they have different animations, fonts, etc, and so I take advantage of both proggys.

    The scenes are taken from a Video Capture program, like I told you before. I admit I never tried to make masks, which I believe those first characters to appear, do seem like it. They seem like you erased what around them. But then again, given the right program, it shouldn't be too hard.

    Just keep one thing in mind: you do get better results doing your own video when you firstly do the script. Choose the song. Choose the text. Choose the fonts. Imagine it on your head. Write it down in a word document. Then slowly compose it together, in your video editing tool. And don't feel shy to try out new proggys.

    Positive thinking, always.



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    Thanks for the advice but im more looking for someone to help me do it because i just dont get how he made the player like move and how he did some of the other settings

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    Sorry that I couldn't help you enough. Have you tried contacting the person who put the video in youtube? Maybe he or she is a nice person and will share that knowledge.

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