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Thread: Base jumping The Eiger in Switzerland with gopros and cineflex.

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    Default Base jumping The Eiger in Switzerland with gopros and cineflex.

    Base jumping The Eiger in Switzerland with gopros and cineflex. Extreme Wingsuit BASE Jumping: Flying The Eiger - Jump4Heroes - YouTube

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    Wow, this is a superproduction!

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    Agreed, excellent job.

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    Sorry, I cannot ever get excited about these films. I agree the production was stunning, but I don't see any point in risking lives this way. I don't give a toss about it being for a good cause. Do something equally stupid, but not putting people's lives at risk (to say nothing of all the support stuff that'll be needed when it goes wrong). And this rather spoils the enjoyment of the film for me.
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    I think it's great! I would love to film something like that as well! Great Job! For now I've been only to Switzerland to film a couple of TAG Heuer watches for a documentary I did. MAde a lot of fun and learned a lot about it - but base jumping sounds also very interesting Might have to ask the Swiss people I knwo if someone of them is doing that as well...Thumbs up!
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