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    Hi, I made this video, but when I was working on it in editor, something feels very wrong. It's shoot on bluescreen and keyed out with white background.

    The only thing I can think of it is that I'm not suited for spokesperson.

    EDIT: removed the video (only first 19 seconds are important)

    Any suggestions?
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    You tripped over your words third sentence - that's a retake straight away. Maybe slow down a bit, your accent is tricky. No reason to give up yet.

    Nice blue screen though

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    I know, I let it slipped this time, because it's more of a testing versions... I'm more concerned about the look of video for now.

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    I think it looked good. For my personal taste I would add a little contrast to you in post or shoot a half or full stop lower when filming. This should stop you looking so pale. Other than that it looked ok. As Stripe said slowdown a bit and you will be fine.

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    Hmmm, I'll keep in mind. Thank you very much!

    What about makeups... did anyone go for such things in their low budget production?

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    These days because modern cameras are much more light sensitive than they use to be you don't need to have your lights so hot which was the reason you needed make up in the old days. It depends on the situation you are filming BUT in your case I think adding make up to the equation is just adding an unnecessary complexity. If you know what you're doing or have someone else that does I wouldn't rule it out, if it makes you feel better.

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    More practice!
    I think you look like you're trying to remember the words rather than speaking the words. This must be difficult if ENglish is not your mother tongue (which i'm assuming from your accent). As mentioned above, try to speak a little slower and more relaxed, whilst retaining the urgency of the message (easier said than done), and try to vary your tone a little more.

    I'm not entirely sure about the framing, your hands are a bit of a distraction being right at the bottom of the frame - although cutting the off wouyld be totally wrong.
    Consider starting with a a close up slightly wider frame and then cutting to a close up (head and shoulders) maybe cutting out and in again.

    The words aren't left on the screen for long enough, by the time I'd realised they were tehre, they began to dissappear.

    I think the elements are there, it just needs a bit of tweaking.

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    @Midnight Blue, I thought that makeup is not only because of heat of the lamps, but for fixing some other problems too. I look like I didn't have enough sleep and I have sleep bags under eyes (I think it's said like this?), that could be fixed to make the shoot more professional.

    @TimStannard, I did go check around for other spokespersons and somewhere the framing is where the hands are, so they aren't always in frame, only if you pull them up for mimics. And yes, English is not my mother tongue ^^' It's a big backfire for me if I want to go global :( Maybe that's why it's good to have some practice on fiverr, before I go anything serius.

    Thank you for suggestions!

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    While it's true what you say about make up.
    1. I wouldn't worry about bags under the eyes.
    2. Unless you know what you are doing you can make yourself look worse and will add an unnecessary complexity to your shoot.
    3. Bags under the eyes and other undesirable things could be caused by the position of the lights.

    The next time you are doing a test, set things up as usual and do a take. Then drop the exposure half a stop and do a take. Then drop it another half stop and do a take. Then you can do a side by side comparison to see which looks best. At the very least increase the contrast with the colour curve tool, I'm only talking about a very small tweak.

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    Hi the video looks ok, as good as some I see on Youtube. A littlespace before you start talking maybe and the writing in the background a bitslower maybe

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