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Thread: Justin Bieber does the Harlem Shake (comedy)

  1. Default Justin Bieber does the Harlem Shake (comedy)

    This is my take on what Justin Bieber would look like doing the Harlem Shake. haha Harlem Shake BIEBER Edition

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    This is just rubbish.

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    In another post, the OP wrote:
    Quote Originally Posted by offbeatbryce View Post
    I took film in college so I know about the lighting etc.
    I recommend asking for a refund.

    Whilst the Clip's subject matter is undoubtably humorous for some viewers, many more may dislike it because the effect is so poorly executed, the background is ugly and the static image of the artist's head is over simplistic.
    It looks like a winning entry in a contest to be the fastest guy to film/edit and upload a video. I recommend not uploading a clip for a couple of days. It can give time to re-assess exactly how good/funny the clip actually is.

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