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Thread: Possible to remove certain sounds from video? (in VP11)

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    Question Possible to remove certain sounds from video? (in VP11)

    Hi everyone, I need some help editing some audio from a video, using Vegas Pro 11.

    I don't know if it's even possible but, I have a video of a race car going around a track with great engine sounds but it has live commentary. Is it possible to remove/mute the commentary leaving just the engine sounds?

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    I used Sony Vocal Eraser with success on music. Not sure it will work with car "noise"... Maybe you can repeat and repeat audio parts with "car noise only"??

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    I recall on the Sony Creative website there is a new program for reducing audio noise . . . don't recall the name, but worth a earch. I think it was a bit more powerful than Vocal Eraser, which I understand works by removing same-phase audio (ie the singer being centre), possibly by inverting one channel. Once removed I guess the phase has to be returned.

    Perhaps OP can let us know how things pan-out? ( ie Before + After)...?

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    I've not used Sony Vegas before but if you can export the sound you can download a free program called Audacity, which is great for sound/ voice removal. You'll find tutorials on YouTube.

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