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Thread: My "Enzo Calzaghe PROMO vid" Any feedback please

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    Default My "Enzo Calzaghe PROMO vid" Any feedback please

    I was asked to try and film a promo vid involving boxing coach Enzo Calzaghe for protein energy drinks that he is putting his name to. I was woundering what you though and how I could improve it .
    I had my own rough scrip on how I thought it should go but Enzo threw that out the window as soon as we started and said he would make it up as we go along. He also refused to put a mic on. It was a bit of a wild evening and was very funny but Enzo was hard to work with.I just about got him to say the web address at the end after the 5 or 6th take.

    Any feedback would be great .Thanks

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    Sounds like you have a nightmare.

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    Oh, c´mon!!!! Punch the guy and make him swallow the mic next time....

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    I think the beginning is great. The sound of the punching, the camera angles & lighting, the trainer going "wooh!" - it works great. Once you cut to the next guy, I wondered if that particular clip could be a little shorter, as in cut away to the product right as he starts to say "all my boxers take". Overall I think that the end has good potential yet it didn't seem to have as much impact as the beginning. I like the video footage but maybe an extra action scene or even just a few more punching sound effects could help.

    I'd be proud to have done this. Also I am not a video editor so my suggestions might not actually be any good.

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