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Thread: Sony Vegas 11 and Quality of output ( Youtube)

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    Default Sony Vegas 11 and Quality of output ( Youtube)

    Hi All

    I have sony vegas 11 and have created a video using both sony vegas and Windows movie maker and i just cant seem to get good quality. I will post a link to the videos below so you can see.

    I recorded the movies of a hauppage DVR on 9MBS witch is good but not the best setting. I have been on 1 million sites and tried a number of different settings and they allways end up blured and not very sharp. Can you help me please?

    this is the one made on sony vegas Facing The Dragon Black Ops 2 Zombies Achievement (Sony Vegas Comparison) - YouTube

    this one is windows movie maker Facing The Dragon-Black Ops 2 Achievement-FAST WAY - YouTube

    To me they both look blury. Please Help.

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    Yesterday i tried another Upload after reading a thread on this forum and created Facing the Dragon Achievement-Black Ops 2 Zombies - YouTube

    But i could still do with some help getting clearer videos

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    if you have the PRO version, I guess you could try this free extension/plug-in to see how it works for you. Haven't tried it myself though yet.
    Video4YouTube - upload video to YouTube directly from Sony Vegas Pro. Best render settings for YouTube

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    Thanks i will give that a try. Do you know what the recommended settings are for youtube? i.e adding them in manualy and what video effects to use ?

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    What ever you upload to YouTube it gets re-encoded. Even if you upload the same settings as they use. It's a bit of a pain as their process messes with the colour.


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    Ahh thanks so is it all about the quality of the original recording ? and not the changes made to the Color and brightness etc in Sony Vegas?

    so if i record in the highest quality and just edit the video so it only has the bits i want no matter what i do to change colors brightness will be undone by youtubes process? So how do some people seem to have super quality videos and some are very poor?

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    The quality of the original video is important, but it is also all about what you to do it in your NLE and how you export it. If you export at the same settings as you imported then upload that to YouTube you'll get the best you can get.


    Edit: Actually that might not necessarily be correct. If your importing and editing HDV, AVCHD etc. exporting as an intermediate codec such Avid DNxHD or Microsoft DV will give you cleaner transcode at YouTubes end.
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    Default thanks

    I think I have got it right now. After your help I made this

    Thanks a lot

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    Sorry wrong thread
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