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Thread: Need Beuty Box Expert For 4 Minute Music Vid ASAP

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    Default Need Beuty Box Expert For 4 Minute Music Vid ASAP

    Titel says it all. Four minute music vid done as a grass-roots project, needs Beauty Box treatment on actor ASAP- please contact with info on pricing and turn-around time. - Can share video on private link as needed.
    Thank You

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    Sounds like an interesting project. Its always hard to get the make up right, especially doing it right so that it is camera friendly and looks great in the video. How far are you with your project. I have done an amateur grass-roots project on a 8 minute video. What we did was to use blemish balm cream on our main actor, if you do it right that can really work wonderfully. The only challenge is applying the cream equally, covering little imperfections and making the skin look nice and smooth. At the same time you will need to use it cautiously because a too thick layer of the cream will show in the video. So it takes some patience but at the end it worked wonderfully for us.

    Best regards, Ally
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