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    Hi guys. These last months i am in delirium. I`ve been working with Sony Vegas pro, Adobe premiere Pro and After effects from 5 years now. But if i have to be honest, I`m not so good on AE - i know how to manipulate templates,combine togheter etc to achive my needs.. (i`m learning AVID and Lightworks at the moment)
    From some reason i have decided I`m not staying anymore in Bulgaria.. I want to chase bigger goals... Maybe move to Austria,Germany,UK etc where i`m not suposed to outsource anything i make (is this true or i`m being foolosh ?)
    So here comes the main problem.. Obviously the world have decided that 80% it needs to use Apple and Final cut (for this area, imagine Bulgaria as south Korea).. Imac or whatever is now new here, but very few are using it due to its price. To get a decent MacBook you need an average of 7 salaries. And Bulgaria is primary PC based.
    My main question would be: if i want to break in Europe, is it a MUST to get personal with FCP and invest in getting Mac ? What are the trends of used software ? You can speak only for the UK.
    Share any other thoughts you may have.. drop a line... or a Shakespeare sonnet whatever

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    It depends on what you want to do. If it's to be an editor in a big production house you will probably need to know FCP as a lot of post production is now done with FCP even the BBC went over to it (I don't know if they stuck with it) BUT Avid is the other standard in film and TV big production houses in Europe, If you are thinking of moving on to the USA at some point then also learn Edius. Premier Pro is coming up on the heals of these big players especially in the smaller production places and I would guess it will over take FCC at some point.

    I work for myself and use Sony Vegas which a number of smaller set ups do. Have you seen the patten thats developing here. I think you need to be familiar with all of the above as you are jumping into the unknown and don't know where you will end up landing.

    All the above is based on going to school at the university of Google so take it with a pinch of salt. (if you are familiar with that expression).

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    Quote Originally Posted by Midnight Blue View Post
    All the above is based on going to school at the university of Google so take it with a pinch of salt. (if you are familiar with that expression).
    I am sorry, it is a second language.
    Take the greatest editors for me, Sally Menke (Quentin Tarantino's editor, which is my favorite director as well, despite that his movies became quite commercial and not the Tarantino style we know from reservoir dogs and pulp fiction) And Thelma Schoonmaker (Martin Scorseze's editor).. While Sally passed away and Thelma still kicking despite she's in her early 70's they both used Lightworks as their software for editing. Now, an editor does not become an editor for the software he uses. If you can't cut you just can't do it, no matter of the software you use.. I never worked on Final Cut but i can tell you it aint better than Sony Vegas... Is it ?
    FC can be a high end Editing program , but Sony Vegas can't. How is this happening ? I`m saying high end because you said yourself, BBC and big production companies are using it.. And who uses Sony Vegas ? Small producers, indie, wedding editors. You know,i`m just saying that Vegas is a great program but i fell its being underastemated in terms of professional high end cutting and editing

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    I totally agree with you, Sony Vegas is great tool and is often, unjustly in my opinion, over looked by some people for "snobbery" reasons rather than experience. I guess what ever they are teaching with in schools will also be a factor as to what is the "industry standard".

    Sadly no matter how good you are as a cutter, if you are not known, you won't get through the door if you don't have experience with the house software. The other angle you could approach this from is try and specialise in a new technique, preferably something you come up with your self. Try and start a new trend on YouTube or Vimeo. Then you may get people interested enough in you to give you a go.

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    Whilst having the "Right kit and Software" may be essential to quash raised eyebrows, in reality you have to have something that enable you to gain experience. If you can work with Vegas + PC that is a valid reason to use it.
    I note you're using LigtWorks - this was No 1 many years ago and has some useful features most others copied . . . being moderately low-cost is another advantage and you can buy extra software for high-end cameras . . . . why not stick with that?

    The most important thing is to be "good" with whatever sytem you use.
    - and that probably means lots of practice.

    Don't know if Vegas Pro is really cutting it, despite its many features, it doesn't quite have that much appeal it seems. I note that Pro 12 is also capable of 4K editing,( although that's a potential can-of-worms.). LightWorks was the only NLE in those distant days, but recently they appear to have lost the plot. Software needs a "killer app" and that seems to be difficult to maintain. Their free version now won't allow import of basic stills camera videos. I do like their "Consoles" they look the business, but very expensive for the smaller-user.

    Good Luck.
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    I believe that, if you will be jumping in the scene (!) in a very different place, people will ask first what you did/can do, not what you used to do it.... The second step will be the tools they´ll ask you to use, but then you´re already inside.... learning will be fun once more!

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