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Thread: Summer smell`s

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    Default Summer smell`s

    It`s all about summer sun & fun and friends

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    All that film burn is just too distracting. I think you need to start again with this.

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    Agree with MB! This burning effect..... too much today, and not on your video only.....

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    Probably not what OP wants to hear - although I agree with #2,#3 - I think the Rule is this: Whatever effect you think is right, halve it.

    It's very difficult o make an effect look like it's adding something to the story - rather it looks like sloppy film-handling, which would have got you out of a job if employed as a "loader" - It looks like digital footage that's been fixed (not quite the word) to look like Standard 8 (where light could get in at the changeover) . . . but it's too sharp and the split view (of the river) is a digital effect and has the same colouration on both shots, if this was old film they'd be quite different.
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    The problem for me is that even if you remove all the effects (and I definitely agree with all the above comments), I don't think the underlying footage is all that good and this is the real problem.

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