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    hey guys so i keyd out the green of a video clip and when i put a photo behind it nothing happens. the black is just black and not see through. please help. thanks

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    Is the photo on a track under the event of the keyed out track ?

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    of course. iv got everything right. iv done it heaps before. i cant work out whats wrong!

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    My good man, if you were doing everything right you wouldn't be posting saying it's not working. If you are doing everything right then your software including your OS is buggered.

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    i meant i'm doing everything right in terms of following the youtube videos. i think i fixed this problem now anyways. thanks. for my other issue to save the hassle im just gona haveto render it twice :(
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    So how did you fix it? It's expected that you post solutions as well as questions!

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