Hey all,
I'm a Texas filmmaker currently in the process of doing preproduction on my first film entitled Glow.

I wrote the movie in college, worked for a year selling copiers to finance about a third of it, and am now just weeks away from breaking ground on shooting the thing.

Even though Sundance 2014 is 11 months away, I'm already trying to gather a group of fans for the film who are anxious to see our finished product. I personally believe that's what distributors who buy indies are looking for these days: quality, yes, for word-of-mouth purposes, but a built-in audience that guarantees a certain demand for a film as well. Typically, indies get whatever built-in appeal they have through their actors. However, because I won't have Ryan Gosling or John C. Reilly or Jessica Chastain to grace their pretty faces on my poster, my built-in audience must come through me as an individual and my story of how I made the film.

I will try my very hardest to keep you in the loop of the measures I am taking to get this film done. In the end, I believe my story will either serve as a cautionary tale or a Cinderella story for a generation of young filmmakers eager to test the limits of digital technology, cheap filmmaking, and storytelling structure. My film should address the boundaries on all three.

Please hop on for the ride, and I'll try my very hardest to educate and entertain along the way.