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Thread: My latest edit for Producer Poptartpete

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    Default My latest edit for Producer Poptartpete

    Shot with a 7d through a Pentax 50mm f/1.4. Color was all done in camera using WB

    Thanks for checking it out, this is an awesome forum. I'm also looking for facebook page likes and twitter connects. I'll return the favor!


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    I liked some of the images (some of the sky, and some of the water dripping off a leaf), but I thought the whole clip was too long; and felt padded out to fit the duration of the audio. I think it needed more different scenes as the eye can tire of slow and repetitive scenes.
    I thought some of the camera movements were very smooth, but others (generally the closeups) were a little jerky; but I guess it is not easy to move a camera while in close ups.

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    Some very nice shots and great coloured skys. I did think the editing was the weakest element of the piece. There seemed to be a lot of repeated shots and the pace of the piece didn't feel right ie some shots held far too long. I also thought the music as a bit bland.

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    Nothing to add to the previous posts about the video - it didn't really take me anywhere.
    I found the music rather unnerving. Although it seemed like an attempt at something rather mellow, I thought the combination of the straight beats and those which were slightly "swung" just made me feel anything other than mellow. Annoying rather than interesting (to me at any rate)

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