A long time ago I purchased a Pinnacle DVC 90 from Amazon and today it finally came! Hurrah!! It installed no problem and went to use with Pinnacle Studio 9 Plus. I had read that if you want to use the DV 90 at best then be sure to use the s video in. No problem with plenty of time before my DVC 90 arrived I checked out Maplin Electronics for a rather nice scart to s video and composite audio cable. This came and I tested this in my VCR straight into the telly. Nice colour picture!
3 weeks passed and today the star of the show arrived. Everything went ok until I tried to capture some analogue video. It all came up in the preview and sound too! Only it was all in black and white. I then did a lot of playing (different VCR another scart adapter upgrading graphic drivers)and found that I can get full colour through the composite input on the DVC 90. Why is this I ask? Well I found this out with a little digging around on the Pinnacle support website and I quote ‘SCART ADAPTER (Europe only) Using a scart adapter with an s video output will guarantee a black and white picture. If you want to use the s video in, make sure you have a pure s video output, If this is not the case, you will need to use the composite connections.Its only wires and leads so my main question is: is there anything out there that will allow me to use scart to s video with colour?