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Thread: The Perfect Video Editing PC (For Me) - Advice Very Welcome!

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    Default The Perfect Video Editing PC (For Me) - Advice Very Welcome!

    Dear computer friends,

    Hi, I have viewed the “Tell us your High Specced Spec” and didn’t really want to start a new thread just for me, but I would really appreciate some advice.

    My PC is 8 years old and no longer up to spec for my requirements, and so I wondered whether kind folk on this forum would please help me choose the components for a new PC?

    My requirements:
    * Flawless HDV/AVCHD editing with no (or bare minimum) lag, even when using multiple tracks and loads of effects in Sony Vegas, After Effects CS6, etc.
    * Firewire IEEE 1394 (for my external soundcard, though is this necessary now there’s USB 3.0?)
    * i7 processor (or any you think might be better)
    * Graphics card that will have OpenGL compatible with Photoshop CS6 and (hopefully) beyond
    * USB 3.0 – the more the merrier (I’ve been advised by a helpful computer expert that in order to get 8 or more USB 3.0 ports I will require addon-on PCIe cards (?), so I should make sure to get a motherboard with that as an option, (though all USB’s don’t have to be 3.0. A mixture of 2.0 and 3.0 would be OK, I just want lots of connectivity options).

    I hope the above gives a general idea of what I’m looking for – a very high spec computer that will be extremely fast and will last me for years to come.

    Here is a list of components I have narrowed down:

    Processor: i7-3930K
    Graphics card: NVIDIA GTX670
    RAM: 32GB
    Hard-drive (for O.S.): 256GB SSD
    Hard-drives (storage) 2x1 TB RAID 0 striped set (whatever that is, I gleaned it from another forum)

    I’ve also read on the web that it is cost-effective to have a front-loading SATA drive bay fitted, so one can remove and insert bare SATA drives that will run at full speed. What do you think about that?

    I must admit, I am out of my depth here, and have no idea about motherboard, chipset, monitor, fan, or case, and wonder if my need for Firewire will pose a problem? Is USB 3.0 about as fast as Firewire? For example, is it possible to get a Firewire to USB 3.0 adapter so I don’t have to bother with a Firewire connection? I need my Firewire external soundcard to connect my guitar, MIDI keyboard and microphones.

    Do you have any suggestions to improve on and help complete my list (motherboard, chipset, monitor, fan, case)? I won’t say money isn’t an issue; obviously the best “bang for the buck” is preferred, but I will stretch to whatever it takes to get the perfect PC (for my requirements). If you can think of better value options than the ones I listed, I would really like to hear your input.

    Thank you so much for your time.
    Happy editing!

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    Dream machine to me...

    1 x CPU:Intel Sandy Bridge-E Core I7 3960X 3.30GHz Six-Core (Watercooled)1 x Motherboard:Intel (Sandy-Bridge-E) | DX79TO
    8 x Ram:Corsair 4GB DDR3 1600MHz Corsair Vengeance
    1 x Hard Disk:SATA 3.0 HDD 3TB 7200RPM
    1 x Nvidia Quadro 2000 (Fermi) 1GB GDDR5 128-Bit
    1 x Drive LG Blu-Ray
    1 x Corsair 850W | TX 850
    1 x Coolermaster Cosmos II
    1 x Nvidia Tesla C-2075 6GB GDDR5 384 Bit
    2 x SSD:OCZ Agility 4 SATA III 256GB

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    Flawless HDV/AVCHD editing with no (or bare minimum) lag, even when using multiple tracks and loads of effects in Sony Vegas, After Effects CS6, etc.

    Go ahead, shoot for the moon, then ask for advice on what to buy - sheesh

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    Thank you for the replies so far, I appreciate it.

    Stripe, I infer from your comment that my requirements are unrealistic. Fair enough. I did say I was out of my depth here though. I don't know what today's high spec computers can do, I just know what my old one won't. I am here for advice.

    I didn't think wanting as little lag as possible was reaching for the moon though. No lag, OK, sure, but that's why I parenthesised "bare minimum". Thanks.

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    It's easily achievable with Nvidia/Premiere Pro combination, depending on FX used and GPU.

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    Hi Edit,

    you are right! Aim the moon, get as high as possible!! Of course each meter higher doubles the cost, but this is another question. Check NVIDIA website for CUDA processing and Tesla "co-processing".... They afirm that Vegas will run 7 (SEVEN!!!) times faster with Tesla..... Bluefix plugins are also supported by Tesla (CUDA) and will run 6 times faster.... This must be quite interesting to see working. Hope you can get this kind of equipment.

    If this system seems overpriced, make sure you use SSDs for all the softwares involved on editing, as this (disk access) is by far (in my oppinion) the main bottleneck in processing. I run a system similar to my dream machine posted before (no Tesla, snif snif snif...) but with only one 128 GB SSD. Everything runs really fast, until the HD is called for something....

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    Thank you for your replies, Bpotter908 and TonyBR.

    TonyBR, Tesla technology, eh? I like the sound of that. This is getting interesting! I’ll head over to Nvidia’s site. Thanks for the advice about SSd's too.

    I read a comment by Marc on another thread saying it’s sensible to get the second best of a product line, as it can be up to three times cheaper than the best with not much of a difference in real-world performance. Is it as easy as finding out the top products and just buying a step down for the best value?

    I’ll ground myself and put a limit on cost… £2000 maximum (or thereabouts), if that helps any.

    Thanks again!

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    It seems a bit out of this planet (or US army movie!! ) when you see things like Teraflops in computing....but that´s how some top Teslas are calculating.... Here is the UK NVIDIA website on it: Tesla Server GPUs For High Performance Computing | NVIDIA UK

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    Errr yeah, Good luck getting a Tesla GPU in a rig for 2K 1.7K goes just on the Tesla GPU itself!

    On a more realistic note, Try this on for size
    3XS - Configure your 3XS i7 X79 3930K Torque NLE System - Updated December 2012

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    Heheh, yes, I just checked the Tesla prices . That particular GPU will probably do for my one-after-next computer, when it's not as new and a bit cheaper! The specs are mighty impressive though, I'm not totally ruling it out, but building a complete system around the £2000 mark will suit my wallet better. I added the £2000 limit after the Tesla suggestion though, so it was a great find by TonyBR, one that I had never heard of when browsing for components, and it does seem that it would give a tremendous boost in performance!

    Thank you very much for the link, Bpotter908, I'll check it out!

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