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Thread: Platform for rising rock bands!

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    Default Platform for rising rock bands!

    Hi folks,

    I recently started a new project called "Rising Rock Bands" and we are going to support and push new, young bands to present them to a bigger audience. We are going to have a "band of the week" and feature single songs and news of each bands.

    This could eventually be something like a page to go to when looking for good, new music for everyone.

    In order to suceed, we need people, a lot of people to like and know about our page. And we need bands, good bands. We already have many bands, we are going to present on our facebook page and homepage, which is coming soo, but we are always looking out for good bands.

    So, please help us so we can help maybe even your own band!
    Please give us a like and tell your friends about this, this could be a great thing!


    Thank you, I really appreciate it. You can make it happen!

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    Right now we are featuring two great bands! You should check them out.
    It is worth liking our page, there a lot of good bands coming up! thanks.
    Supporter of Rising Rock Bands. Always looking out for good new bands.

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