This isn't a request for help, but rather a cautionary note.

A friend of mine operates a small video production company, a one man show with occasional part time help. He uses some pretty advanced gear, including Newtek's Video Toaster. He's used the Toaster since it first came out on the Amiga PC. Lots of experience. But when VT3 came out, he had problems and has spent over a year working out most of them. From goofy RAID controllers, cable woes and nasty Gigabit network problems.

One persistant problem he's had is with the VT3 Titling module. When typing and then correcting a typo, his PC would lock forcing a reboot and loss of all unsaved work, plus the time to scanddisk all the drives. Newtek wasn't any help.

After a year he's finally found the problem... the wireless keyboard. When he replaced it with a PS2 wired keyboad, the problem went away and he's a happy camper again.

Near as we can figure, the wireless keyboard has to operate in half duplex mode. That means sending a keystroke requires turning on the keyboard transmitter, sending the key data, turning off the transmitter, enable the receiver, wait for the PC to send the ready for more keystrokes signal. This is a lot different timing than a wired keyboard. And if the VT software is setting up it's own keyboard parameters, like autorepeat, it may get the timing wrong for a wireless keyboard.

So if you have a wireless keyboard (or mouse!) and are having odd system lockups while editing, this may be a cause.