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Thread: Slow render speeds, doesnt make sense

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    Default Slow render speeds, doesnt make sense

    I am having an issue with rendering of a video, it is taking 24 hours to render a 1:16 video. I have rendered videos this long before and it only took about 3 hours..and they had more effects. The only thing that is different between this video and my other videos is, the original file format is MTV while the other ones were MOV.

    I am running 8 gigs of ram, GTX 460, and the AMD Phenom II x6 1090t. Using Adobe Premiere. Anyone have any ideas on what could be causing this issue?


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    Unfortunately this sort of problem could have so many reasons from the hard disk being nearly full to fried memory, all the way to trying to upgrade Standard def to HD resolutions with a multitude of heavy effects on a net-book.

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    Don't know this software, but you're not saying if after the 24-hrs the Rendered vid is OK. If that's the case, then I guess the computer is doing its best with whatever you are throwing at it.

    Presumably you don't have any other programs running.

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    Quote Originally Posted by vidmanners View Post
    Don't know this software, but you're not saying if after the 24-hrs the Rendered vid is OK. If that's the case, then I guess the computer is doing its best with whatever you are throwing at it.

    Presumably you don't have any other programs running.
    your situation makes no sense - I would say that vidmanners is correct in that your system is busy with something else like viruses and trojans and such

    I will say that Adobe premiere pro is pitifully slow with some formats, but that is just ridiculous

    clean your pc

    shut down everything

    have somebody professional close down all your services that you dont need

    get rid of botmail and scorchmail and incredimail and everything your kids put on the compoooper

    that should do it

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    Well wait

    Is there a mismatch between sequence settings, import file format and export format?...

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    I am rendering original .MTV files to h.264 MPG4. I have closed everything I can using the task manager, as for all random stuff on the computer. I am the only one who touches this PC, i make sure of that. The only things on here are Various editing and 3d applications and some steam video games. I have about 1.5 tbs of room out of 3. Will try and give some more information when this render is done. I would cancel it, but it is crucial I complete the render.

    Also, before I started this render I changed the settings and turned off GPU acceleration, just to test it. Increased my render times by about 4 hours. I am watching my CPU/RAM gauge, CPU stays between 30% and 45%, is usually in the low to mid 30's and my RAM never jumps above 3.5gigs out of 8, I even have memory settings in premiere set to use 6.5gigs. This should leave enough for my OS and a few background apps to run.

    About a week ago I was rendering videos that were the same length in 3 hours. Only difference was, I was rendering .MOV files to h.264 MPG4
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    In Vegas when you set the memory usage high this is to help previewing and takes away the power from the rendering. I don't know if this is the same in Premiere. If your CPU during render is only around 30% usage then you need to look at your OS and why it's not utilising the CPU better. When I render the CPU goes to around 98-100% and stays there. I'm not a computer expert so can't help with what you need to do.

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    What is an ".MTV" file? Is it supported natively by Premiere - or were additional software (codecs) required to import them? What version of Premiere is being used? How many CPUs/cores are there? Are they all being used - or is only one; ie 25% of the total. Is the disk badly fragmented?

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    My bad, .MTS not .MTV, don't know what I was thinking there. I believe it is natively supported by Premiere. I am using Premiere CS5.5 I have 1 CPU 6 Cores and the cores being used jumps around. It will have 2-3 cores working at a time but it could be Core 1 and Core 2 and then be Core 1, Core 3, and Core 6. As for fragmentation, it shouldn't be, I usually run a defrag about twice a month.

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