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Thread: Where do you buy your video cameras?

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    Default Where do you buy your video cameras?

    I'm looking to add to by organisation's stable of cameras - we have solo videojournalists shooting news video in Salford.

    I make most of my videos with a Panasonic TM700.

    The HD quality is so good that with judicious use of a tripod, decent mics and a bit of common sense with available light, we don't need (can't afford?)pro or even semi-pro kit.

    I'm looking to source a decent HD video camera with external mic and headphones - but I've never bought kit from a pro supplier, & would prefer to just out of a sense of mutual support.

    I like B&H - but is there a UK equivalent you could recommend?

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    A very good shop for knowing it's products, customers needs, etc... is Creative Video. It's only drawback is that it's not the cheapest place.

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    Nice shop MB...and the prices (without VAT) are quite similar to US prices!! The website is really complete....

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