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    Default James Bond Walk-on

    I've been thinking about how to do this for a long time and was wondering whether any of you could help me?

    The clip i am talking about is where 007 walks on with the gun barrel following him and then he shoots the gun barrel and blood comes down the screen.

    This clip comes at the beginning of all the James Bond films if you still don't know what i'm talking about.

    I have Adobe After Effects and Adobe Premiere Pro at my disposal, so if anyone has any ideas, please could you post them?

    Thanks a lot,

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    >do a google image search of "james bond" and theres a couple of good pics of the start gun barrel
    >Import the pic into after effects and with the pen tool, draw a circle around the eye of the barrel (where you want james bond to be visible) this creates a mask
    >Set the mask to Subtract.
    >import the footage of bond walkin and drop it under your top layer
    >set key frames of the postition of you gun barrel to track bond walking
    >create a new solid object and make it a good red colour and make sure its the top layer.
    >position it to start where bond shoots the camera
    >create a mask along the solid this time make it wavy to simulate the blood line. this time the mask should be set to add
    >Also take down the opacity of the solid a bit
    >create some keyframes of the gunbarrel shaking and then the blood flowing down when bond shoots.

    hope that makes some sort of sence or at least gives you some idea cheers.

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    Ok, thanks a lot ben704. I'll have a try of that when i have some time.

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