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    I am curious how everyone on here maintains quality control in the work that produce. My personally, I see if I work on projects for long periods of time, I do from time to time have a typo or something the client notices. The bigger issue I deal with is I log my time and I know what I am getting paid, when a project begins to become less profitable, I tend to begin to rush a bit and the quality control suffers.

    Any tricks tips anyone cares to share? I show others the rough when I can before submitting the copy.
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    There are a million things that can be wrong, but only one way it can be right - I have the same problem with music production, although music is much more 1 dimensional compared to film.

    The only way I know of is to take a break from a project for 2 or 3 days, then find some kind of meditative state where I view the project full screen as a complete stranger would.

    I try to FEEL the project rather than analyse it, because that what viewers do. Viewers don't sit down to analyse a film, they sit down to be entertained, so try to get into that zone instead.

    If it feels right, then all is likely good, but also when you watch this way you may see certain things that you didn't notice before, such as the flow of the piece may be incorrect.

    Failing that, just find someone that's insanely jealous of your work, and they're sure to pick it to pieces

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    Quality control in a creative environment can be challenging, but should be subject to the same controls as any other industry.

    The overriding check is that you've met the agreed objectives for your engagement. If you don't know what these are, you've failed your first check: know your brief. If you haven't met them, work until you have. You agreed to do the terms of the work, including the fee. If you can't meet the agreed terms, you're either not charging enough, not working hard enough, or need additional support. Never compromise on your work because you think you're not making a profit.

    One you've met these internal checks, get your work peer reviewed. Ask someone else to asses whether you've met the brief.

    Finally, and getting back to the first point, make sure you budget and plan. Set deadlines, which may be long before the client deliverable, and add internal and external sign off points. Never start a piece of work without an agreed scope, estimated resource requirements, project plan and budget tracker. Do this and you'll keep on time and to budget. That leaves only your skill and creativity. Unfortunately you either have that or you don't.

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    Post your videos on the forum in the user video section and we can give you our opinions etc.

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