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    This is pretty much straight to the point. It is most about the painting but I did some 3D titles and implemented a few editing techniques!


    Mad Momma Designs: Live Painting at WinterSOLSTICE - YouTube

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    The titles look very clever but they are over the top for this piece. When I watch piece like this I like to be able to see the painting developing BUT I'm afraid the jumping editing just distracted me to the point I gave up half way through.

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    I can see where you are coming from with that response. I was painting however and not in front of the camera. So I worked with whatever footage I had. I figured the titles were a bit much for the piece but I've been trying to get more practice creating them so I took the opportunity to do so.

    I hope you at least skipped to the end to see the final product...

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    I didn't see the finished painting but did have a look when you suggested I do. I did like the painting, a kind of a ying yang thing going. Very nice.

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