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    I apologise if this is not the correct section. I'm after some advice on buying a digital camera and there's so many I got very confused so I need help lol

    Basically, I'm looking to do video blogs essentially so they'll just be me talking. It will be indoors mostly, usually well lit and fairly close up on me (or not, I'm not Johnny Depp lol) They need to have decent to good quality visuals and sound as they will be going on YouTube or similar. I'll need to be able to connect to a computer for editing and uploading.

    I have don't have a massive budget (well, if you say 200GBP as not massive) so any advice on makes of camera that will do the job, any additional equipment that might be needed (mic, tripod etc) editing software.... will be greatly appreciated

    Can you tell I have no idea what I'm doing?

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    No replies yet, but I wonder if you've found the kit to suit?

    Yr budget is really tight for anything that is new, so maybe s/h - but I'd suggest you go for a modern flash-memory camera.... this should be less "risky" compared with tape. Also SDHC cards will transfer very quickly if yr PC has a card reader.

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    have a look at the Polaroid HD100 Ultra Slim Full HD 1080P Camcorder

    100 from amazon

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