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Thread: pal + ntsc on dvd

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    Default pal + ntsc on dvd

    In a few weeks I'll be looking into getting some software to create dvds's. I'm a bit of a fan of adobe software so just assumed that I would get Encore. It seems to do everything I want, except possibly one thing.

    So before I jump in there is something I would like to able to do that I don't know if is even possible with any software.

    I would like to have the dvd open up with a two choice menu of ntsc or pal before going onto the main menu. Meaning; I would like to put both pal and ntsc contents on the same disk.

    Does anyone know if this is possible? if Encore can do it? or what can if it is possile but Encore can't?



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    This WON'T be possible in Encore. You can only import video to match the project settings.

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    you might be able to do this by creating your DVD in Encore (or any other DVD authoring app'), with the NTSC/Pal menu in place, but substitute the NTSC content with a PAL clip (or vice-versa), so the menus all work fine,

    then build a DVD folder of your project,

    then use something like PGCedit, (free from: to swap the Pal content for the NTSC content that you want to include,

    I haven't tried this, and I could well be overlooking something very obvious, Maybe DVD's have to be one or the other, I don't know.

    More research is required I think, PGCedit might be a good place to start though.
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    Thanks for the info,

    I've started making the pal and ntsc contents as separate projects (originally for separate disks). When finished there will easily be enough room for twice+ as much content on the disk, as a result I'd like to cut distribution/production costs by getting both projects on the same disk.

    I suppsose it's really if dvd's have to be one way or the other that I need to find out before then looking into apropriate software if all turns out good.

    Anyone know a definative answer to this?


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    I've not yet tried your possible solution bgarthp, and in theory it does sound as though it should work. There is something else that could solve my problem, but it confuses me and hopefully someone can help clear it up.

    I hear of region free dvd's, but I am also aware of the differences between PAL and NTSC. Does anyone know and can explain (or give a link to where I can learn more) about this and how it works?


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    Region Free means there's no restriction on playback. It has nothing to do with whether they are PAL or NTSC.

    You'll find that most newer PAL TVs and DVD players support NTSC playback.

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    It still confuses me I'm afraid Marc,

    I was aware before that older PAL dvd players could be adjusted to handle NTSC and that newer ones could without adjustment. I had until recently assumed this was the same the other way round.

    You say that region free is to do with playback and nothing to do with PAL or NTSC. Do you mean that the dvd it's self isn't region free but the newer PAL players are?


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    Do you mean that the dvd it's self isn't region free but the newer PAL players are?
    No. Commercial DVDs are "region encoded" to prevent people from playing DVDs from a region other than their home. If the region encoding on a DVD doesn't match the region encoding of the DVD player, the DVD won't play. Multi-region players can play DVDs from any region; region free DVDs do not have any region encoding.

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    Thanks Marc,

    I'm still no region expert obviously, but that helps a lot. I don't understand why they would do this region encoding, but that's of little importance. I understand (to a degree) what it is now.

    It seems I was barking up the wrong tree before.


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    Quote Originally Posted by david walsh
    I don't understand why they would do this region encoding
    To ensure market segmentation. By segmenting the market they can:

    1) stagger releases; and/or
    2) use descriminatory pricing, that is charge different prices.

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