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Thread: Video Report on Video Marketing/Social Networks

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    Default Video Report on Video Marketing/Social Networks

    Hey my company has created a report based on interviews with 800 businesses. The report deals with video marketing, social networks, and mobile marketing.

    You can download the report for free at: Download the Viewbix 4Q Video Engagement Report Free

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    Sadly, the report only includes a summary and a few findings. I was hoping to see more of the raw stats or reference to other analyses of "engagement rates".
    I am not altogether sure I know what an 'engagement' is. I guess its the fact that someone watched at least a small part of the Company's video.

    Some stats are indeed curious. "Engagement rates for online videos" (iPad 47%, Android 44%, Web 21%, iPhone and Itouch 30%). Does that mean that almost half of all videos watched are users with iPads?

    I also did not understand the meaning of this line "Of note, the most effective engagement rates seen were from Twitter users who were driven to a dedicated landing page where the Viewbix player was the main focus of the page".

    The PDF ( is 9meg, it looks pretty and contains 7 pages. I am not complaining; I was interested enough to read it.

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    Hey Tim,

    I guess I should explain that what my company ( does is inserts clickable apps or calls to action into video. When someone interacts with one of the apps (i.e. opens the mail subscribe) OR shares the video player on social media, that is called an engagement. Hence, 47% of Ipad users click one of our apps as opposed to just 30% of Iphone users.

    The twitter comment means that you cannot see one of our players within twitter, so end up getting redirected to one of our landing pages which are optimized for our player. Hence, its no surprise that people are more likely to engage with the player than on facebook where there are other distractions.

    Hope that helps.

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