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    The BORG Bad Leonfelden is a highschool in Upper Austria. My Mediadesign-Class decided to make a movie dealing with the three branches of our school. There are:
    A: Music
    B: Natural Sciences
    C: Art and Mediadesign

    First we wanted to do a serious documentation but during the work we decided to do it in a funnier way. The students worked on it two hours a week, did all the conceptional work, the script, the storyboard, recorded all the necessary material an did the whole postproduction. We also created a poster for decoration purposes when we had the chance to show the movie in our local cinema. What do you think about their own school-movie?

    More information on our website (german only)

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    The narrative kind of served it's purpose, so well done for that. All the out door scenes are very over exposed and the corridor scenes are too dark on the subject. A simple reflector would have helped, with all that light coming in through the window you could have easily lit the face of the talent with a reflector. The editing was simple and effective if a little slow which did make the piece drag a little.

    Not a bad effort over all.

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    I'm glad I stuck it to the end - I loved the punchline.
    I thought it was a good concept with one or two really great ideas - I particularly liked the looking down the microscope scenes.

    Midnight has already pointed out the terribly over exposed shots, and the issue with the lighting (and a simple solution) in the corridor.

    The opening was slick and well cut. A good variety of shots, tantalising glipmses of the girl, which created a certain suspense - desire to se more and then we could all understand the main guy's reaction.

    The first corridor scene was a little long, but you're setting the scene so we'll accpet that. The other corridor scenes were far too long. The third and final one should have only been a couple of seconds - the audience knows how this works, weve seen corridor, room A, corridor, room B, we know what's coming next - no point in showing more than a second or two of corridor again or we'll get fed up with it and frustrated.

    The Room A scene really let the whole film down. I came extremely close to bailing out. It was far, far, far too long and, to be frank, wasn't particularly flattering of the music students. the hand-held shots became too much very quickly. I'm not sure what we got after the first 30 seconds of this scene that we hadn't already been given. I would have been inclined to record the choir in better surroundings and then lip-synced the actual acted scene.

    By contrast the science lab and the art room scenes were just the right length to tell the story they each had.

    I hope you enjoyed making this and learnt something from it. Like Midnight, i thought it was overall a reasonable effort. Well done.

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    Thanks for you replays. We highly appreciate them!

    Yes, we are aware of the really long scenes now and would make them much shorter. You're absolutly right! The Music-part especially is really long but in our area it's quite ok because the people love the guy playing the guitar. He's some kind of a local hero, plays concerts, appears on television and stuff like that. We actually have some audience just watching because of him. Most of them are girls ^_^

    The even bigger problem for us was the lightning. We did such a big project the first time an had a lot to learn. Unfortunatly our school-camera ist really old and so we had to use a small camcorder from one of the students. Some scenes were even recorded with mobile phone cameras. Next year i plan to do a new offical movie about our school with the new students. A really serious one. I'm sure we will learn so much from this first project.

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