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Thread: Snowy Night

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    Default Snowy Night

    I got hypothermia filming this video, was it worth it? Is the vignette just distracting or does it help to give it a dream like quality ?

    Opinions and views as always very welcome, it's how we improve.

    This is now the new shorter version without the vignette.

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    Some beautiful shots in here mb, and for that reason I don't understand why you chose the shot you opened with. Because of its lack of movement I was wondering if this was to be a slide show.

    Not keen on the vignette, it's a bit heavy and you can see the inner circle on the pannin g shots. Unless its a static shot subtle vignette is the only way to go IMO.

    A little too long for me.... 3 minutes would have been preferable with this kind of thing.

    Sorry for being heavy but you did ask
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    Most liked scene - 0:54 approaching car. Where the falling snow only becomes evident when the car lights provide backlighting.
    Most unliked scene - 1:36 close up of some snow.

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    Thanks guys all valuable in put.

    The only reason I put the vignette on was to hide a bit of plastic bag that I put on the lens to protect it but I later noticed was visible in some shots.

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    I ain't grumbling. because I think the scene looks wonderful; but Is the vignette responsible for the slightly odd shading behind the tree on the right at 0:34, (which appears as a solid. moving, vertical line of semi-transparent mask)?
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    Do you mean to water on the leans ? That is caused by the light from the street light refracting in the water on the lens and then, what looks like a mask, is lens hood blocking the light from the street light as I panned the camera.
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    I am referring to the light brown area which gets divided into two tones of brown in some frames.
    (image shows parts of 3 frames; and contrast fiddled with to better demo the effect).

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    See above, The lens hood blocks the light on that portion of the lens were the water drop is before the street light is out of shot. That's the only explanation I can think of as it's on the original footage.

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    I would of started with the opening shot 26 sec in stunning
    Liked the vinaigrette thought it worked well
    opening text is great fits well to theme
    loved 1.22 - 1.55 close ups of snow.

    Sorry but I thought the snow rolling section was too long
    I liked the quick transition of shots from 3.11 - 3.25

    Very good but agree with ENC in my opinion i think a bit shorter by reducing the snow rolling bit and maybe taking out the cars ???

    Liked the effect on road 60 seconds in.

    Great Video

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    This was a really mixed bag for me. I love some of the sequences, particularly:

    • The sequence of close ups in the middle,
    • the snowball rolling (well done for being patient, but would have loved to have seen some other angles here)
    • The headlights in the snow

    Most of the hard cuts between wide shots didn't work for me. They seemed too jarring. Perhaps you could have mixed up the shots a bit more rather than going wide to wide? In particular, the wide shots didn't seem to flow.

    I wasn't keen on the pans up and down (don't know of any technical term here guys!)

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