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    Hi everyone,

    I recently published another video of the band "Jacobus&Jeremyr" (Facebook link: that was shot in 2012.

    I would like to get some criticism towards editing/ color grading mostly (i know, some shots over exposed etc).


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    I liked this video much more than the other previous performance videos you did. I liked that you went for some unusual angles and a good mix of shots. Only two things stood out camera wise one was the framing of the close up shot of the lead guitarist. It should have been tighter in and framed with rule of thirds on the eyes or on the guitar like you did at 2:34 but you seemed to go for both and didn't get any. The second thing may just be my prejudice but I was distracted by the footwear of the singer in the lower wide shot of the band.

    I don't know if the band were nervous but they seemed to get off to a shaky start things like not knowing where to look etc. but as the song progressed and they got into it, things got better. As the director it is up to you to capture them at there best.

    A much improve video from the past well done.

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    I can only agree with Midnight (it happens!)

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    It looked good to me. I know almost nothing about color grading. I though the flesh looked the correct colour, but everything looked a little brown; including the white shirts and cymbols. I assume it was done on purpose; but then I am wondering what 'color grading' you had actually done - and what had been the purpose?

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    Thanks guys. I am glad you like this one!
    I agree, minor mistakes in framing but I learned from this one a lot (too bad I cannot change the shots of the next song that is coming up from this session..).
    For the color grading I went for a warm/ yellow tone because the set was actually really, really warm so I thought it would fit.

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    Are you using tape? This didn't come across as card digital, which gave it a tube like warmth. Probably the yellow grading you speak of - it's film effecty - like it.

    I also got distracted by the shoes/thongs/flip flops (just to put Midnights mind at rest) but actually wouldn't have said anything about it, but now there's two of us that thought it, so there you go.

    Found the stage a little cluttered, assuming it wasn't a true live recording through all that gear, a little more space may have fitted with the stark whiteness of it all.

    In fact having 2 characters in denims and white t-shirts did not offer any contrast, I'd have thought about different trousers and maybe a colourful shirt on one of them just to give some contrast to the starkness.

    And with a great white wall to play with, I'm afraid I couldn't resist projecting something up there, even stage lighting. I guess I'm saying it was too stark to be that way all the way through.

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    You Sir, Stripe, have some good ideas, I would love to work with someone like you!

    Unfortunately I did not think of some of these. The set was actually really small and everything was recorded live in one take, we could not really extend the distances between the musicians.

    Thanks for all the thoughts, it just opens my mind for future projects!

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    Lol thanks, ideas are always easy in retrospect, so yeah, learn and get better like we all do.

    I'm still training to acheive the concentration necessary to see the potential in a live frame, currently spending too long getting the technical side right - but one day I'll be competent at that side of things, and then creativity can kick in.


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