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Thread: In a quandary!

  1. Default In a quandary!

    Hi, I will try and keep my inquiry succinct;

    Basically I film for an operation with international exposure, and have done for a few years. I also do the lighting, stills and editing, and I have to make sure things look good. Stills are fine, I use Nikon with great results. Scenes are generally shot indoors and lit with soft boxes. Everything runs great, except quality of footage. The footage has always looked rough. I have been informed that this is due to my camera, a Sony VX2100E - one I was informed was brilliant, turns out it isnt. So, I want a HD camcorder up to and around £1100 which produces good, clear footage, isnt flimsy and does not use mini DV. I got all excited today when somebody recommended the Panasonic AG HVX200 and by all accounts the footage is awesome, I nearly bought one until seeing that they use the Panasonic P2 card which only lets you record about 10 mins of HD footage before having to change the card (8GB average card) So, in a nutshell, I want a decent prosumer camera around £1100 which can export to Elements 10 or FCP X and produce crisp, clear footage for download and viewing on laptops, monitor screens and maybe TV's. In this day and age I would think that a simple request, but I am getting buried in cameras! Can anyone offer any simple advice? I have also just had the
    Panasonic HDC MDH 1 and the Sony HXR-M2000E recommended to me.

    Many Thanks,

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    I have a HVX200 with a 32 Gb P2 card. I get about an hour on it full HD or you could record onto an external recording device. Quality footage take a lot of room. I would say that the HVX200 is getting a bit tired these days, if you can pick one up for a grand, that's a good price. Don't get me wrong it's an excellent camera and I still use it. If you told us what you are filming it might help. You may be better off with a DSLR, without know what you film it's hard to know. You can shoot good porno with a Canon 5D Mk III.

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    I found this text, maybe worth a look at these two, about that price I think...

    For what you described you will be using the camera for I do not feel the NEXVG30 would be the best option. It is decent in low light and will edit fine in Vegas on a fast laptop, however you cannot take still photos while in the video mode. The camera requires you to switch to the photo mode in order to take stills. Also for fast motion and sports videography I do not recommend a cine style camera like this as a video camera will have a faster zoom and auto focus.

    With that being said and reading what you will be using the camera for, I would recommend the Sony HXRNX30. For a camera in this price range it handles very well in low light, can take stills while shooting video and has the Balanced Optical SteadyShot for great stabilization. For the concert video it also includes a shotgun microphone and 2 XLR inputs for adding additional mics if needed.
    This camera will work great both for the sports and concert filming.

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    Thanks for the replies guys. Yes, I do work in the adult entertainment industry, but not 'porn' per se. Suffice to say the shoots generally focus on two or three subjects within one scenario, with one of those usually being unclothed. My issue with the Panasonic was having to use the P2 cards and mess about changing them whilst shooting. A shame because it looks such a good cam, but I don't want to pay 1k for a 6 year old cam then shell out u to £400 for a memory card to let me use it for a good length of time.

    Based on price point and reviews I am going to go for the Sony HXR-MC2000E, it seems the best all rounder for a brand new cam in that range and I really don't want to use tape. I assume my iMac will be able to handle AVCHD as it is the latest model - I wont bother capturing to my Macbook Pro.

    Regarding stills, I use a Nikon D5100, and do the stills post film shoot so using the camcorder for pictures is not an issue.

    Thanks again,


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    Sorry guys, I tried to reply this morning but I think it wouldn't let me as I am a new user?

    Thanks for the advice. I do work in the adult entertainment industry, but not 'porn' per se. Shooting is usually 2 or 3 subjects, often indoors with one usually nude. I have gone for the Sony MC2000e as it seems a good all rounder for the money and has lots of good reviews. Stills from the camcorder are not an issue, as I do all my stills on a Nikon D5100 after shooting.

    Just lighting to get happy with now. I have had good results with soft boxes, but find them quite invasive and difficult to keep out of shot in smaller spaces.

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    Stripe, isn't the HNRX30 a bit over-budget?
    I note that the whole optic assy moves about to stab footage - I thnk this is like the (non-XLR, non-projector) consumer CX730 (nearer £800) - although I believe there is a "with projector version" available . . .always I thought that Projectors are silly - but I guess it means you can see how steady the clips are . . . and if the wall is white, you can check colour balance, etc. whilst still being at the venue . . . so able to apply some correction.

    I guess OP is scared off by the P2 memory cost - maybe he needs to look at how JVC solved this (Data-rate) issue for their 4K camcorders - by using Four SDHC cards in parallel - pretty smart, eh?

    However, it would help if OP can show us what's wrong with the existing set-up.....

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    I hope I have't come too late to this.
    The VX2100E IS a great piece of kit. Along with the Canon XM2 (still in production) and, possibly, the Panasonic NV GS400 it was one of the best developed "prosumer" standard definition cameras, before various attempts at High Definition started to hit the market. Remember DVDs are "only" standard definition and if the results you are getting are genuinely poor, you might want to look eleswhere in your workflow.

    Having said that, unless you are matching existing kit, it would probably be foolish to invest in standard def kit nowadays.

    The Panasonix HVX 200 is in a different league altogether.

    But the Panasonic MDH 1 and the Sony MC2000-E are also in a different league - a lower one. They are both designed to look the part, being big shoulder mount cameras, but they are rather plasticky and, more importantly, they are very basic consumer cameras in a big box.

    The VX2100 has 3 1/3" CCDs - ie reasonable size sensors. Both those you are considering have a single 1/4" MOS sensor.

    I'd really avoid them.

    Having said that, a mate at my club has one and had reasonable results in daylight.

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    I would check Sony NEX VG 20 or 30..... With some extra cash, the VG900 version is really interesting! Versatility from many lenses and fantastic HD results from a 35mm sensor. Without the hassle of DSLRs.... But if you must show that you´re in the trend, Canon5DMkIII!!!

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    Thanks everyone - my replies have gone up (see above in middle of thread) apparently they got stuck by the spam filter due to the use of the word 'p*rn'. Thanks to the mod for spotting this and putting my replies back up.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Roscoe105 View Post
    Thanks everyone - my replies have gone up (see above in middle of thread) apparently they got stuck by the spam filter due to the use of the word 'p*rn'. Thanks to the mod for spotting this and putting my replies back up.
    No worries. Let us know how it works out for you.

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