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Thread: "What does being an EU citizen mean?" - EESC Video Challenge 2013 | Revisitar

  1. Default "What does being an EU citizen mean?" - EESC Video Challenge 2013 | Revisitar

    Hey there guys, it's been a long time since I've posted something!

    This time, we did a video for the European Economic and Social Committee Annual Video Challenge, which reflects on what being an EU citizen mean.
    Doing this video was really fun! We first asked lots of friends from different countries to write a little text about this topic. We ended up selecting what they agreed the most and made a final script with all their ideas in it. Then, it was just a matter of gathering some friends and asking them to participate on the video.

    Also, this was my first step on After Effects and motion tracking. Some of the footage was really difficult to track, so they might look a little awkward, but I think overall it was a nice try! What do you think? Any advice?
    Btw, regarding After Effects and Motion Tracking, I had to remove two logos of two known companies, and I did it using Adobe Photoshop's content aware on a still image and motion tracking it on After Effects. Can you guys guess where the logos where? I'm trying to test how well did I hide them

    Anyway, without further ado, here's the video, hope you like and I'm waiting for your comments!

    By the way, if you're interested in voting for us, you can follow this link: http://selectsurvey-gen.eesc.europa....U+citizen+mean

    The top ten voted videos will then go to a pannel of juries which will decide the top 3. By voting you're not only helping me, but also entering a chance for a trip to Brussels for 2 people.

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    i didnt get this

    the lighting was flat

    the material was pre-digested


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    Zamiotana, please bear in mind that not all of us are professionals and have access to professional material. In fact, this contest is aimed for amateur filmakers.

    I don't own any lighting material so everything was done with natural light. I expect to get into it when I have the money to do it, but that doesn't mean I have to stop filming until then

    What do you mean about pre-digested material? Can you elaborate? I'm in this forum mainly to get criticism and get better, so instead of "flat lighting" and "pre-digested material", I'd appreciate some constructive criticism.

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    You did a great job with after effects. The titles looked great.

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    I think you did a fairly good job with the After Effects titles. I didn't spot the logos that you took out so you must have done a good job.

    Most of the framing of the talking heads was quite good, following the rule of thirds etc. Some of the audio wasn't great particularly the two guys sat on the steps but most of it was understandable.

    I like that you tried to be up beat and positive but my big problem with this piece is that it comes across as bland and naive. I'm not a fan of the European project in that I feel it's run by a bunch of unelected criminals but thats just a personal opinion. I'm not against the hands across the water message and all getting along BUT this ideal is far from the reality of the situation. I'm sure if you asked the protesters in Greece, France, Italy, Spain etc... you would have gotten a very different message, one which is perhaps closer to the truth.

    I still think you did a fairly good job with the video.

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    Thank you very much guys! It's good to know you liked the After Effects titles and didn't spot the logos

    Midnight, the audio is quite a problem. I own a Tascam DR-40 and used its internal mics, which is enough in some situations but others, like the guys sat on the steps and the two girls recorded indoors (with a lot of echo), the Tascam is not enough. I definitely have to invest in lav mics or a shotgun and a boompole.

    About the message of the piece... I live in Portugal, we also have lots of demonstrations and I've been to some of them actually. I have problems with the IMF and nowadays crisis, nothing's perfect, but still I'm a believer in the European Union and I'm thankful for the things we talk about in the video. That's why there's a part where it says "although youth employment is one of the major challenges of the EU, it is still within us (youngsters) that the European spirit is more alive". We did have people from Germany, Spain, Portugal and Ukraine writing for us and all of them wrote good things about Europe.

    But I do recognize that some people don't believe in what the video talks about so the message could sound "bland and naive" like you say. I wouldn't say this is far from the reality, though. It's another side of the coin: believe me, there are a lot of young people that love Europe, love being able to have no borders, travel, work and study abroad... I've lived in Rome because of this, and I know people from Rome that now live in Portugal with so much ease. It's thinking more about the good part of the EU and forgetting just a little bit about the cons, in my point of view

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    Quote Originally Posted by João Gonçalves View Post
    ... I've lived in Rome because of this, and I know people from Rome that now live in Portugal with so much ease. It's thinking more about the good part of the EU and forgetting just a little bit about the cons, in my point of view
    ...and It made it so easy for me to study in France for a year.

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    I thought it was pretty good.

    The one thing I didn't "get" was the motion tracked captions. It wasn't at all obvious what they were tracking in most cases and just seemed to have some distracting movement. For the message, fixed captions would have worked just as well ,if not better - but I realise this was an exercise in motion tracking as much as anything so pair play. The place where the mototio tracking worked for me was the girl with te two upturned hands. It worked because it was obvious the numbers were meant to be balanced on her hands.

    I think Zam has a point about pre-digested material. What he means is it sounds like it is made up of a lot of lines which sound like propaganda that someone has very carefully put into the speaker's mouths, rather than this being the spontaneous original thoughts of the cast. Two things in your defence here - 1. we see many adverts made in exactly this way. 2. It's not going to sound that natural anyway as most (all) are not speaking in their mother tongue.

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    I full accept the youthful ideals and concepts of the EU experiment, jeux sans frontieres etc... BUT like I said it's not the people of the EU it's the criminals in charge who have hijacked it.

    I know you want to win the competition so you wouldn't make a negative video about the EU would you.

    Good luck.

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    You're right Midnight, I wouldn't

    Tim, that was my problem. I had difficulties finding good tracking points because I had a lot of out of focus background and didn't want to track the text to the characters. Sometimes I had to do that though, I had no chance. But like you said it was more of an exercise and I learned something out of it so it was worth it even if some of them look distracting. And I'm also particularly proud of the motion tracking in the girl with the two upturned hands!

    Okay, now I get what he meant with "pre-digested material". This was made on purpose. That's also why I made all the characters look at the camera, otherwise I would have adopted an interview point of view. But the guys in the video are not trained actors, they're my friends, so they probably overacted/underacted it sometimes It's a script, and they're following it. The good part of it is that the script was created with ideas from lots of people from different countries.

    Thank you for you comments and the good luck!

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