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Thread: Conjoined Twin Octopus - Animal Cop [Music Video]

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    Default Conjoined Twin Octopus - Animal Cop [Music Video]

    Hello everyone,

    My name is Nicolai and I am a film student from Germany.
    I'm really getting into editing as of late and directed and edited the music video for the local metal band "Conjoined Twin Octopus".
    I know the music really takes some getting used to but I would be very grateful to hear some comments concerning the technical aspects of the video. Preferably about the way it was shot and edited.

    We worked with Canon DSLR cameras and Adobe CS 6. If you have any advice or criticism please feel free to comment. My team and I are just starting out in the film business.

    Here is the link to the video:

    Conjoined Twin Octopus - Animal Cop [Official Music Video] - YouTube

    And if you are interested in checking out our website:

    MMJ Media

    Thanks a bunch in advance!


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    For me this was a video of two halves. I didn't think the split screen bit in the middle was right, not even on an ironic level. The silly bit at the end I'm not sure about either.

    I thought the rest of it was superb. Exactly the right amount of manic energy for a song like this. One thing I'm not sure about was the lighting. Not that it wasn't lit very well BUT look at how good it looks in the black & white section of the video, it's great black & white lighting but in may opinion you should have had some coloured gels/lights mixed in as it made the colour parts of the video a bit too clean looking for the image of the band. Perhaps some grunging up in post could improve this clean look.

    Generally I thought you did an excellent job.

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    my grandmother had one of those but the wheels fell off

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    I liked it. It kept me wondering what was coming next. Well shot, well lit, and full commitment of te band.
    Briming with technical and non-technical ideas.
    Loved the flying guitar.
    For me the split screen bright colour bit did work - a bit of a surprise - but I liked it.
    It sort of matched the fact thet the keyboard player seemed more like he was appearing on kids TV than a metal vid!

    I don't think I want to get used to the music though - or more accurately the "singing"

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