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Thread: New and Looking for some good ole fashion Critism!!

  1. Cool New and Looking for some good ole fashion Critism!!

    I'm new to this video editing world and could use some good old fashion criticism on my videos.. It's very helpful to see what someone else see's of it. Let me know what I am doing wrong or could do better and almost more importantly, the things you like the most. Please help a girl out! Check out my two videos below and tell me what you think.

    Fandom TVD:

    My Newest Video
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    I edited your post to just have one video.

    Having taken a look at it, firstly not knowing the series I didn't know exactly what it was about. It seems like a Twilight sort of thing is that right ?
    Timing wise you did a competent job but the constant fade to black that you use became a distraction eventually. A lot of the edits should have been just straight cuts. I think learning to use straight cuts will add a valuable tool to your armoury. It will give you more of a discipline in choosing which clips you use, what looks good together etc. The fade to black is often used in movie trailers but this isn't actually a trailer for a movie, more of a brief synopses of the narrative. As such this should be your primary goal in producing these pieces. Use the pleasing imagery to tell the story.

    For me it went on far too long but for someone who knows and likes the show it could be about right, as you tried to tailor it to the song length but don't fall into the trap of being tied to that for all your pieces. You can edit out a verse or a chorus to shorten the song etc.

    Finally I like a video that has a defined beginning, middle and an end, I felt the ending of your piece just happened without a conclusion unless the boy getting the girl was the conclusion. Even so it still ended abruptly for me.

    A big part of the art of editing is know what to leave out and having the discipline to leave it out of the edit. When deciding what to put in your next video think to your self, does it add to the story, if not, then unless it is simply a spectacular shot that has to be in the video, leave it out.

    I hope this helps you move forward with you editing.

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    Wow thats what I call some feedback Ya thanks I appreciate that. The show is The vampire diaries. This was the only video I made to review the episode itself (TVD 4X07) using the most meaningful scenes to me. They all have a movement or meaning in them.. and the end was one as well, but I had I little trouble with the audio in the end I think ruined it a bit. However, I really value all that you said and definitely will keep that in mind for the future! Have a good one!

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