Hi .

I hope here be someone to help me or at least tell me what should I do .

last night I had to record 2 hours from Sat with my camcoder " Canon MV550i " in " AV in " mode & after that I tried to review the tape to begining , during that , It stoped & I saw the " Remove the Tape " on screen !
when I did that , I saw it with crumple magnetic Tape !
I unruffled it & tryed to Rev it , But after a seconds it happed again .
So i removed that tape & put another one which wasn't empty & when I tried to test the Cam , I saw that in playback mode , I have no preview on screen & also the counter which shows the remaining time of film didn't work & became line .
all other parts like Card mode works properly & in record mode it seems every thing is correct & no problems appear but I can't test it to realize , because I can't palyback the film as I told .
unfortunately , for now I'm not in a region with expert repairers & I want to know exactly what is the problem & is it possible for me to reparation it or if not at least notice me what should done to be renovation .

Thanks alot & please reply anything which you think about this .