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    Default Breakdance Film Project

    A film project I did for a class. Please let me know what I can fix in terms of the editing and filming. Thank you!

    Dance Film: Los Angeles to New York City - YouTube

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    I thought it looked a bit odd at the beginning mixing the dance with the slow intro of the song. Watch out for jump cuts. Although they kind of work here, I think you were lucky. It would have been better to get the dancer to do the dance again from a different focal length and angle and then you could have mixed these shots together rather than having the same shot for a whole minute. The next part of the video is then very different as you did what you should have done in the first half using cut aways, different angles etc.

    I thought it wasn't a bad piece but I'm sure with a re-edit you can make it better.

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    Dope man... Stuck some moves on point!
    But alot of movement at night isnt a good visual. With alittle light it woulda looked alittle artistic but yea it just looks like footage from a phone on those parts.
    Looks good though man.
    Keep up the bboying and the filming!

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    nice project , i realy enjoyed

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