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    This could be a really good video. You've got some great shots to work with BUT you have a lot of shoots that look as though they are repeated take these out and this will help to shorten the video which in my opinion needs to be about a minute shorter. I liked some of the effects added but not the cartoon effect IE the one used at 6 seconds.

    You are a real talent with the camera and your timing in the cutting room is excellent, now all you need to perfect is the choice of shots and to learn the hardest rule of "less is more" IE make your videos shorter. There is a very old saying in the entertainment industry. "Always leave them wanting more". You can do this by giving them less.

    I remember your early work and can see you have come a long way in a short space of time. If you can crack this last nut I believe you will be an excellent film maker.

    One last thing, it would be great if you would be part of this community a little more and pass on your experience to others by commenting on thee videos. I know English isn't your first language but I'm sure you'll be fine.
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    Thanks a lot, midnightbleu, for the greatest comment of the year
    yea, again you are right about lenght of the video, could be more short with more selective shots. You now me from my beginning with the magic moviemaking. I'm glad that you can see my progress. And here I have to say; I did learn a lot from you and all the guys from this forum.
    I allways was part of this community but the languages was the struble.
    But I will try

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    There are plenty of really great shots in here, which makes it all the more puzzling why you left in some of the lesser shots - not terrible shots, but nowhere near as good as the good ones. There are a few where the talent's head goes out of frame and a few where there's no leading space. This is a shame as so many of the shots are really excellent.

    I was a bit confused by the inconsistency with which you plastered VFX over some sections and then left long periods with nothing. I did not like either of the two vignettes: the one early on did not have nearly enough tailoff (if that;s what we call it - the feathering, if you like) - especially when the shots showed a lot of bleached out sky (possibly on-line compression made this appear worse than it is on the original) and the one towards the end where there was just a smallish oval in the centre of the screen which wasn't necesarily highlighting anything.

    On the other hand I quite liked one or two of the more zany FX used almost as transitions.

    But aside from FX use (much of which is personal taste) I think you show a great sense of timing and excitement in your edits.

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    Thanks Tim for your comment.

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