Hey guys, I've finally got money and am starting to look for a camera (again). I've been trying to get into doing some ameteur video work for a few years now, but it seems to be coming together money-wise finally.

First off, I'll let you guys know that I'm in the US, I know we have different broadcast formats, so that may be a pretty important piece of information to give me any help

Basically I'm going to be shooting footage of sports stuff, so it's gotta be decently durable. Paintball is the top order at the moment, but when winter rolls back around it'll be seeing quite a bit of time in the snowboard park, then generic running around with my friends want to laugh at it in ten years useless video that teenagers seem to shoot so much of.

The camera I found a couple years ago that really seemed to fit what I was looking for was the Samsung SC-D80. Here are a few of the main features I want to get, at an affordable price. The cheaper the better, and I've found the SC-D80 for just under $300US, but I'm willing to spend up to $500US, maybe a bit above, depending on how much I like the product.

-MiniDV - I'm not set in stone there, but I like the size of MiniDV tapes over 8mm
-Firewire streaming (a MUST)
-As good of video quality as possible...680k pixels on a 1/6" CCD is what I'm looking at, better would obviously make me happier
-Image stabilization
-External mic input
-Headphone jack (not essential, but nice)
-Accessory shoe (mics, lights, etc)

I feel like I'm forgetting something in that list, but I'm sure it'll come to me later. I'd like interchangable lenses, but I've only seen that on cameras that are way out of my price range. So do you guys have any suggestions as to a decent camera that's around $500US (276.655 GBP by XE.com)?

Thanks in advance, and suggest anything I should try to get that I didn't list, or tell me why I don't need something that's up there, you guys are the ones who know what you're doing