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Thread: Beautiful British Columbia | Need Opinions

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    Hello Everyone,
    This is my first post here and I hope I find all of you well.
    Ok so, below is a montage of miscellaneous footage I have from many different projects I worked on. I am in the process of creating my demo reel and need some help.
    If you could, watch it and comment below as to which clips stood out as nice shots....and also comment on which shots you hated. Basically, If I was to include ten shots into my reel, which should they be?
    Beautiful British Columbia | Cinematic - YouTube

    Thanks for your time,
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    I would use these shots as a starting point and then work it down from there to about 2:00 minutes long. There was some nice shots that I discarded because of unwanted movement so if you can fix that then take a look at some I didn't include.

    Reeds at 0:22. Lake 0:28. Log 0:34. Grass 1:03. Tracking shot 1:11. Mountain 1:32. Mist 1:38 & 1:44. Straighten the dock shot at 1:57. Boats 2:06 to 2:22. Time laps @ 2:37. to 2:50 if you
    straighten shot @ 2:50. River 3:01 & 3:04. Tracking shot 3:17. Lake 3:59. Bench 4:03. Lake 4:13. Dock 4:21. Leaf 4:32. Boat 4:35.

    These are just my idea so take it or leave it.

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    Thanks for the input, I really appreciate it. If anyone else has comments, critiques or anything else, please voice your opinion.

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    Nice shots of a beautiful place. Tripod is a must-have....

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    i have spent a lot of time in BC and this definitely captures the feeling of being there

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