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Thread: TSAVO - Theater of the Wild (KENYA) Wildlife Tribute

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    Default TSAVO - Theater of the Wild (KENYA) Wildlife Tribute

    Hey Everyone, We are Proud to present a Special Safari Tribute video to one of the most Beautiful and History Rich national Parks in the whole of Africa. "TSAVO" - THEATRE OF THE WILD! It is a new installment to the fast-growing media platform. The KENYA WILDLIFE TRIBUTE FILM NOW AVAILABLE TO WATCH IN HD! FEEL FREE TO LIKE, COMMENT, SHARE AND SUBSCRIBE TO OUR CHANNEL! TSAVO - Theatre Of The Wild (KENYA) - YouTube

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    I think you've done a terrific job with this. There are however quite a few either over exposed shots or over processed in post shots. A few examples 0:19 sunrise, 0:22 Giraffe, 0:26 Zebras, This did distract at first but then I just settled down and watched the piece. Unfortunately because of the BBC Nature programs we are use to seeing such incredible shots of Africa etc that it makes it really difficult for the rest of us to compete but like I said I think you did a terrific job with this.

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    Dear Midnight Blue,

    Many thanks for your feedback. All the information stated has been taken into consideration as future learning and tips.

    You are correct regarding the over exposed clips in the footage. We accidently changed the setting and only realised after the playback. Hopefully someday on our next visit to Kenya, we can produce a more documentary feel as would be seen on BBC.

    TSAVO - Theatre Of The Wild (KENYA) - YouTube

    Pav & San Kambo
    Kambo Branding

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    Out of curiosity can you say what camera (s) you used. YT does squeeze the BW so it's kinda difficult to look at the techy aspects on their own.
    However, I must agree it was pretty good (not that I've ever been there ), but as others have said we've seen Wildlife content on BBC where the lenses are like the Deposit for a UK house., possibly I'd have liked some "ambient" audio in with the pro music track, but if you were with a Group, then they are probably chattering all the time:
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    Hi vidmanners,

    many thanks for your comments.

    We used a Sony bridge camera (30x) optical zoom. We really wanted to take our Canon 5D Mark III but was hesitant to bring along. You are correct about the chattering when other tourists see wildlife. Would love to film in a more authentic way as supose to BBC etc. Please help us to share the video to increase awarness of this majestic land and our facebook page to view photographs.

    Many thanks!

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