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Thread: MBP Showreel 2013

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    Default MBP Showreel 2013

    I did an update of my showreel for the new year. It's the same as last years but with some new footage put in to it. It's supposed to show the variety and quality of my video making skills to potential clients and will be placed on my website.

    What are your thoughts ? This is now the newest version

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    on the whole i like it MB, but as i think i mentioned last time i wouldn't have put the LTG lighting group logo so near the beginning, it makes the viewer wonder if this is a company add or a showreel.

    lovery opening shot of the big wheel.... you seem to have low level light stuff in the bag MB
    'No longer are the pleasures of Home Movie Making limited to those with ample funds. Now the man and woman of moderate means can join the sport'..... Kodak catalogue 1933

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    you seem to have low level light stuff in the bag MB
    Why do you think I call my self Midnight. I don't remember the logo issue being mentioned last time but that's an interesting point. I'll move it to a bit later on.


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    There's a very high pitch tone for the first 3seconds at the beginning. I've been told I have stupidly sensitive hearing when it comes to these noises, but it did hurt my ears initially :/
    I didnt't like the final zoom in shot, would keep the wide but look at something else to replace the zoom as its a bit wobbly.
    Other than that it looked fine

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    To keep the zoom at the end is something I've thought about since it was mentioned last time. I know it's not a perfect zoom and that zooming in is often frowned upon by myself and others but I also love the way it finishes perfectly on the woman and captures the suppressed pleasure she is experiencing. I shall ponder on this and see if there is a way to keep the final shot without the zoom.

    Thanks for viewing.
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    Does this work better at the end ?

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    Hey Midnight, sure you won't mind if I just fire some thoughts at you, and you can take them or leave them...

    Lose the full screen transport logo, it's too abrupt, and not good looking either, plus their logo appears on the factory in the last shot anyway.
    The 2 women smiling seems a bit creepy.
    I would reverse the pull focus from hedge to boats, it's more forward and positive.
    Lose the first shot of the dancer, it's too morose.
    The knife scene is ok, but I didn't really need to see the blood drip.
    Then there's the drama lady being flattened on the ground.

    I felt my overall feeling was a little creeped out, slightly scary, a bit negative, maybe not enough positive messages, or colour or something, but for a selling tool, maybe you need to have people coming away from it feeling happy and warmer than what this does for me?

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    Did you see the first one or the revised one in post #6 ? The idea of showing the logo was to show I can do some motion graphics I don't have a lot to choose from and I feel corporate clients will expect to see them. What is creepy about smiling women, I think you need to see a therapist.

    Interesting view on the focus pull there may be some psychology in it but I don't know much about the deep stuff of psychology.

    The drama and dancing lady are from the same film and go together but you might be right that it doesn't work in a promo reel. I think the dripping blood is the money shot so we'll have to agree to differ on that one.

    I do value peoples views as I'm far too close to my work to be objective about it so thanks for the in put Stripe.

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    You're amassing quite a few great clips, Midnight.

    I think I prefer the zoom at the end. I know it flies in the face of perceived wisdom, but it's not a totally dreadful zoom and I think it invites the viewer in - it's welcoming us to MBP, if you like.

    One concern I do have is the lower thirds. Only where the background is dark does the text really stand out. The first two are almost invisible to me - the "corporate videos" writing is almost the same colour as the fork lift truck which enters from the same side of the video and in the scuba one the background graphic is the same as the water (and the text almost the same as the skin tones/apparatus). These look OK when I stop the frames, but less so when moving. I think a stronger graphic behind the text or something is needed to make it stand out. Maybe just change the text to white.

    The scuba lady smiling has so little movement I gad to watch twice to check you hadn't inserted a still.

    But I think it shows of your skills to their best advantage, so from that point of view, it's a very good job.

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    I watched both.
    The logo looks bland coming after such a bright start, but that's not your fault.
    The focus pull is a gimme IMO, I'd rather see the boats, you don't see them for long enough, surely it's more refreshing the other way.

    I don't envy you having to put a showreel together, it's a very hard task. But if I was going to do one I'd plan to make it as bright and cheerful as possible, all marketing does that. The start is fantastic, exciting and colourful, if you could keep that going it would be superb. Have you thought about having different passages of music so you can dictate the pace a bit more, so that the not so exciting stuff can go quicker with suitably tempo music?

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