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    Hi all,

    This is a gaming inspired video that we filmed just before Christmas, please give any feedback. Thanks!

    Out of Control - YouTube

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    I did notice the game player trying not to look at the camera at the beginning of the video, as a director look out for that sort of thing as it distracts the viewer. There was a bit of a focus issue at 2:04, looking for the wire shot. I thought the guy being controlled did a great job with his facial expressions.

    Some nice attention to detail bits in this, like the transition at 2:12. I loved the way you built up the tension, will he fix the remote in time to save the guy etc.

    Generally I thought it was well shot with fitting effects.

    A good job.

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    A good idea - very funny. The facial expressions of the guy in the woods helped a gread deal.
    However, I think you tried to milk it too much. It's a simple idea which we understand immediately, it then felt a bit like "more of the same" until you introduced the next idea (the flat battery - also very funny), and then spent too long (in my view) building the tension - again trying to milk it.
    Fundamentally you have two great ideas, both of which are immediately understandable, but spend four and a half minutes explaining them.

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    I was going to pass this one bye as i thought it would be gaming footage. then i read the other comments and decided to watch.... im glad i did. great idea, well shot with good sound. i particularly liked the game players point of view scene.
    Down side it was a bit too long for me but still very enjoyable.
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    thanks to all for the good comments. I too was a bit worried about the length and it seems it could have been shorter, which I will remember for next time! Oh and with all the shots inside I'm not surprised by those issues (surprised I didn't notice them in edit) as we had a very limited time to shoot it all (about 10 minutes without a possibility for re-shooting). However I will also try to avoid this in future videos.

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