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Thread: "preparing Video" in Windows Live Movie Maker

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    Default "preparing Video" in Windows Live Movie Maker

    When I load a video into Windows Live Movie Maker to edit it first makes me wait while it "prepares the video" before I can begin editing it.

    I was wondering...... Does this process change or lower the quality the original file at all? I notice that if I open the file a second separate time in WLMM it does not have to "prepare the video" the second time. Is that because the file was changed the first time it was "prepared" and left that way? If not, why does the video not have to be prepared if opened a second time?

    I did a quick expirement and noted the size of the file before it was "prepared" and after and the file size remained the same....

    Can anyone enlighten me about this?

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    I tried putting a variety of different formats in to Windows Live Movie Maker and didn't get the "preparing" issue that you are having. With most video editing programs it is a non destructive process which means the original files are not affected at all by what you do in the editing process. So unless you are seeing a problem with the finished video I wouldn't worry about it.

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    Probably worth creating a folder for each WLMM project "just in case" - but I realised only recently that WLMM is now only operating in "Storyboard-Mode" - so maybe that "processing" is making a thumb-nail from near the start, that is representative of the whole?
    On the rare times I used it, (before buying Vegas Movie Studio), I don't believe I saw this effect.

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