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Thread: Need your help - artistic and greenscreen questions, please...

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    Default Need your help - artistic and greenscreen questions, please...

    password is BB

    It's in 720, not 1080 because it's Vimeo. Lens was stock. There was no room to move in that place so I couldn't use a prime.

    I'm scratching my head over a couple of artistic and greenscreen questions. Advice and help would be appreciated.

    1. For the greenscreeners out there - how do you minimise the issues I'm having with the slightly shifting / watery effect on the edges of the arms? I'm using FCP7 but can use Avid etc... If you know how to get rid of it on your software, there'll probably be a similar fix in FCP7. I have a few ideas but rather than try 20 different things, I'd prefer to hear an expert talking!

    2. Would you use cutaways? I have a load of cutaway shots I could use but I quite enjoy watching the artists talking head on. However, I'm often wrong about this sort of thing so wanted to ask you what you think. Would you use cuts or is head-on OK?

    3. The stuff at the beginning and end - just ignore it. That's stock and at the bequest of the client as is the marketing logo throughout.

    4. Aside from the watery effect on the arms, I know the keying isn't ideal and there are a couple of issues around the edges and I will fix these in the usual way. As a note, the shooting conditions were less than ideal and involved erecting a greenscreen on top of a manky old mattress, radiator, drum kit etc... all in a space you couldn't swing a cat in! However, I'm experienced enough with greenscreen to know how to sort this.

    5. This is uncoloured.

    So what are your thoughts on the greenscreen and cutting issues? I'm really interested in what they have to say but for a neutral, are they just boring? What do you think?
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    Yes, definitely use cut aways. Just talking heads for 12 minutes is far too long for most people. The "watery" effect from the green screen can be minimised in the future with a back light and moving the talent away from the screen to reduce the green reflection. I understand that wasn't possible for this shoot. I'm not sure if adding a bit of feathering on the chroma keying will get rid of it this time but might be worth a try.

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    +1 for cutaways

    The guy on the right seemed quite naturaland relaxed as he was speaking and thinking. When he looked away from the "audience", he was glancing sideways and downwards as one does (also looking up towards the heavens is a natural look) The other guy looked nervous - primarily because his eyes kept filickering between the "audience" (almost in line with the camera, which is exactly where it should be for an "intimate" inteview) and someone, (director?) who was standing to the right of the camera, as if he was looking for approval all the time.

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    Thanks for the help, excellent. I appreciate the objective view and I will use cutaways, photos, concert and video footage. Really appreciate this.

    @Paulears - thanks, you're right, well spotted, this is exactly what is happening and the solutions are now clear. I did an incamera colour adjustment because... tattoos. Tattoos on black skin go green to the naked eye and I was concerned about chroma key issues so I pushed the incamera settings to change the colour scheme a little, hence the issues (software can't quite decide what to key). I also lit him so the tattoos disappeared but belt and braces, I pushed the colour spectrum a little bit so the tats wouldn't go transparent.

    Also, the lighting wasn't what it should be but as you spotted, even in the most difficult of situations (I had to maneuver around a mattress and table in a space that was so small the interviewees were pressed against the greenscreen and I didn't have any space at all. I couldn't light it effectively and that also contributed to colour balancing issues.

    Thanks to you all, this is good stuff and really appreciated. I now know how to solve the issues.

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