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Thread: New music video just produced

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    Default New music video just produced

    Hi if anyone has the tie then views, critique and opinions are appreciated. thanks

    Leo TwoRJ - Freedom - YouTube


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    It may just be me, but the audio sounds distorted.

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    yep its distorted.
    'No longer are the pleasures of Home Movie Making limited to those with ample funds. Now the man and woman of moderate means can join the sport'..... Kodak catalogue 1933

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    I think if you take out the walking backward shot you've got yourself a reasonable music video. There's a good variety of shots that helps to keep interest and you cut it together well. My only thoughts are that it's more of a documentary feel about it than a music video. Is it footage taken from a longer piece about the artist ?

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    The distortion at the start is a bit off putting, because you fear it will continue. I figured it was deliberate, musicians are running out of instruments to shock with these days, so chord-ed distortion can be valid. It grabbed my attention at least.

    So I liked it, I enjoyed the music style, wished I could understand the getto lingo, or was that an actual foreign language?

    You just never know where you are with modern beat combos these days.

    Did you just play with the newspaper effect at the end there? it dropped in and out, think I would have just kept it there for the last 30 seconds and animated it stronger as I went, would of worked well with the union jack stuff for an ending.

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    Hi guys, thanks so much for your views.

    As far as the production of the song goes I am not sure to what end the distortion was used and if it was for effect however I do know that the song is yet to be mastered.

    I am not currently doing a longer peice about the artist, the documentary style shooting may result from me recently working on production for 2 or 3 documentaries, that is generally what I do and this is my first stab at a music video, we were shooting for a weekend with limited real content to shoot so we just tried to make it slightly atmospheric of the artist making his way around town and represent the title 'FREEDOM'.

    The language he is speaking/singing in is portuguese.

    The newspaper was just, like you said, played with at nearer the end to add a slight distinction.


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