Hello! I am new to this forum and to Adobe Premiere Pro (CS 5). I am working on a lest minute project for a client and am not sure how to do the counter that she needs. I have a link below to an example video that shows the counter I need to do. I have my videos set up side-by-side and have the timer running in the center, but I can't figure out the best way to include the counter numbers of how many boxes have been completed (i.e. "1 Box", "2 Boxes", etc). Do I do this as a text box from the "title" screen and just create a new title for each box number? Is there an easy way to ensure the placement is always in the same spot to create smooth transitions from each "title" screen to the next? Or can I create a template?

I feel as though there should be a nice, simple way to do this and perhaps I am over-complicating it. Please help! Steps to follow or a tutorial video would be amazing as I have to have this completed by tomorrow. I'm sorry for such a basic question, but I just started using this software this week. Thanks so much!!!

Link to the example video: Scioto Packaging - YouTube