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    Hello All,

    I just put a slideshow together and my better half thinks the still images should be on display for slightly longer. I read you had to set the duration prior to importing the images. Is there a way to increase this after the images have been imported and how?

    Many thanks as always,

    best wishes

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    Bits of Information missing, how long are the shots now,what Software are you using, type of sideshow, happy,sad?

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    Thanks for your help. I'm using Adobe Premiere Pro 1.5. The still images are set at 160 frames and the trasitions are 30 frames.

    Best wishes

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    I don't think 1.5 has an option to select multiple clips, apply a single change which will affect the duration of all clips, and ripple the relevant positions of each clip (so as to remove gaps or one clip overlaying another). To make things worse, after changing the length of the clips, I suspect the "30" part of the equation might also need changing.
    Might this be done by using 1.5's 'slow motion' option? (Sorry. I don't use 1.5 anymore, and can't fully remember it).

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