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Thread: Editing Keyboards - speed Workflow.

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    Default Editing Keyboards - speed Workflow.

    Having used Movie Studio for a while, I want to make Keyboard Shortcuts easier. I've seen stick-on labels for other programs and some of the shortcuts are the same. I found a .jpeg image and thought I'd colour my keyboard the same . . . but looking under"Help" - "Keyboard Shortcuts" provides so many ...that I don't see any obvious grouping, ie where colours might help.

    So my q is this - Does anyone find coloured keyboards useful for editing? or should I find another means of identifying these shortcuts? On my program "Help" it clamis there is a shortcut guide (= Chart), in the retail box - well, not in mine, unless it slid out before I opened it. - but I can create one following the blocks of text from the Help-file, a tad messy, Yet I rather fancy a coloured keyboard.

    I am left wondering if there are accepted colours for the Editing functions - or can I choose my own. For example these folks sell three, which are different, but not includingVegas ... Video Editing Keyboards - Labelle Communications

    Amazon sells what appears to be a USB hand control ( pricey at 78, with very small buttons, so I think I'd be better off with my keyboard alone).. I did investigate using a second keyboard (for these Editing functions) with a perforated cover, so only the regularly used keys were accessible - the cover could be cut back as I progress . . .

    What do others do to speed up their Vegas Workflow?
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    I very rarely use the keyboard shortcuts. Except for the common ones like S to split an event or U to Un-group events. I've just never got round to learning them.

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    I use them all the time, The way I learnt was printing out the ones I would want, having it in front of me, then repetition until I could throw the sheet away.

    Coloured keyboards work for some, so if that will help you learn quick you can buy a set of stickers off amazon for whatever software you have.

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    I have an overlay on my laptop keyboard from, its main function is that every time I open my laptop up in public everyone comments on how colourful my keyboard is.
    That said I do find it very useful from time to time, I already know a lot of shortcuts but theres always times when I forget half of them and my keyboard reminds me.

    Also, my partner has one for protools on his laptop and when he spilt his red wine all over the computer it was absolutely fine as the keyboard cover stopped all the liquid getting in

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    Personal of course, but I'm totally with MB in this. If I used them, I'd take the Bpotter method of printing out.
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    i bought the Premier pro "editors keys" stick on set for my keyboard. I didnt hold much hope for them but they are holding up surprisingly well !

    Products | Editors Keys
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    Thanks guys,
    -today I spotted a Vegas keyboard on ?Amazon (about 40 but not available - eh?) . . . so I more-or-less copied their colours using some car-paints and odd-ball girlie nail polish. Hopefully it will make Editing easier. Certainly the keyboard looks pretty cool.
    + I started with a white keyboard -

    Previously I saw a nifty controller keyboard (more like a rocket-lauch centre) for LightWorks - but at over 1k, I think I'll stick with VS (now Movie Studio).

    I agree there are rather too many shortcuts to remember, so fewer may be better.....Hey-Ho

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    The link you gave does not seem to offer overlays for the Vegas editing system. Have they stopped doing it or did you adapt one of the others to work with Vegas?


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    Quote Originally Posted by Richard Jones View Post

    The link you gave does not seem to offer overlays for the Vegas editing system. Have they stopped doing it or did you adapt one of the others to work with Vegas?

    OOPS was this a sony vegas thread?
    Im an FCP7 whore, the other cover in our house is for pro tools which is also on a mac, I didn't check that they had vegas.
    Also the link in my last post over my 'laptop keyboard' is not a link I added. weird. I'm a mac, not a pc... :/
    I'll try and remove that now.

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