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Thread: what software???

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    Default what software???

    I'm sure this must have been asked lots before, but whats the best Software for the following application:

    Short 10 min product 'promo' and 'How to use' films
    Cut between live film, stills, animation
    with sound track & commentary + subtitles.

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    Many here like Sony Vegas and the budget version Movie Studio. Currently in v12, you can get earlier versions cheaply - but I suggest you get the Production Suite - (eg Vegas Studio v10 PS ~ 30 - Amazon). However v10 only works with 1080i, so if you're using 1080p you'll need the later verion (DYOR).

    If you choose VS v10 PS you get a useful Tutorial DVD, but you need to know the basics before getting full value from the rather slick presentations. There are many Tutorials on Sony's website and more on YouTube - which are of "variable" quality IMHO, but it's easy enough to find one wich suits your requirements.

    v12 includes additional text effects, with animation presets.
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