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Thread: In love with my gopro

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    Default In love with my gopro

    Hope you'll like it ! with a 10ft boompole

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    I think you captured some good skiing shots. Just a little to much contrast in the post processing for my taste.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Midnight Blue View Post
    I think you captured some good skiing shots. Just a little to much contrast in the post processing for my taste.
    You're right.
    but it isn't juste post processing...
    I didn't noticed the "protune mode" was off on the gopro. So a lot of parts (like people) of the video are very dark because of the light of the snow.

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    I didn't know the GoPro had a protune mode.

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    Looks great having an air slider? lol

    Tell you what, I was trying to get downhill POV ski footage just so I could have a laugh with my mates on my green screen, almost impossible to find.

    The shots you have there would be worth a 2 minute downhill edit for people to use.

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    This time, the protune mode was on :

    Original point of view !!! d

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    I liked that. Very enjoyable.

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    Some sublime shots there and I personally preferrred the first, high contrast one. Loved it!
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    nice one end very stady shots

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