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Thread: video editing.

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    Question video editing.


    im new to this forum i hope i posted this in the correct place.

    anyways i have been wondering how to edit my videos just like these music videos(attched)

    Matthew E White - "Will You Love Me" (Official Music Video) - YouTube

    i just love the colour, that deep green, almost like using film, grain and stuff.

    and the other one(almost the same)

    i love the soft focus, film like.

    and i want to make my videos look like the movie Moonrise kingdom!

    i would appreciate if anyone can teach/guide me on what to adjust, what to add.

    i would love to edit my photos like that too!!

    thanks a bunch!!
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    Most video editing software can to this sort of thing BUT that's not going to get you a great looking video. You have to have good footage to begin with.

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    nice!... i usually record my video using 1080p DSlR.. so i need a tutorial on how to edit like those video, like i said what to adjust,colour balance saturation. or maybe you can link me to any tutorials?


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    How can we know what needs "tweaking" without seeing your footage ? A tutorial would only be any use when you get a specific software. BUT I think you missed the point of my post. It's about the filming, the lighting, the framing, the way you use the camera, that's the important thing.

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    ahh i get it i get it, but my dilemma is what should i adjust, do i need to add grain, some said i need to apply low opacity white layer stuff.
    right now i dont have problems with the filming and framing, i have problem when it comes to post procssing.
    lets say someone came up with a tutorial- ˙ou need to adjust this and that"- haa theeen i can play with 'this and that' all by myself until i get what i want.

    thanks for the info!

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    Learn colour correction
    It kills me to see so many editors under-value such a useful tool in improving your image.

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    Personally (& without seeing any footage), I think OP needs to learn the Editor. Only then will he be in a position to develop a "style" - but that said, many of us are quite happy creating stuff that is good to watch, without adding extra effects (like Grain, you mention). Seems pretty dumb IMHO to buy a HD camera, strudy tripod, take effort over lighting and then downgrade it with "grain" -

    However, there are plenty of YT Tutorials (on all sorts of ruination of footage) - Now, having chosen your Editor software . . look for suitable Tutorials..... If it's Vegas/Movie Studio there are several on SonyCreative website, quite apart from the "Show me How" under "Help".

    Plenty of FX to crush contrast, colours, and so on . . . but I wonder "why?" - unless a particular effect suits a clip - for example if you are showing some footage meant to be VHS, you might add a small % of "noise" to give the viewer the idea, just as old films are usually shown "flickering" - even though no-one noticed at the time they were shown.
    You need to be mindful of the viewing "system" - so it doesn't only look OK on yr monitor - it must look good on the bigger screen too.

    Good Luck.
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    I agree.. Colour correction and grading is a great skill to learn and can really help polish the overall look of your work. Great grading comes with experience. There are a lot of 'stock styles' you can use but they often look exactly that: stock. Try for some great software tutorials.

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